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Silverlight vs WPF

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WPF and SilverLight


Many developers don’t know what is the different between Windows Presentation Foundation and the Silverlight .They think that the only difference is that WPF is a desktop application and Silverlight is a web application.


• Windows Presentation Foundation is a Microsoft platform for building desktop applications and it is subset of .NET framework.
• WPF don’t need to in cooperate another technology to build an application containing videos. Audio or 3D graphics like Windows Form Application.
• WPF uses XAMl for building layout “xaml is a declarative language that used to design layouts it’s syntax like the xml syntax”.


• Silverlight (formerly known as WPF/e, where the e stands for “everywhere”) is a restricted version of WPF designed to run safely in a browser while still providing a rich user interface.
• Silverlight is a Microsoft platform for building rich internet application and it is subset of .NET framework that competes with RIA technology such as Adobe Flash and Flex and Sun’s Java FX and complements the Microsoft ASP.NET.
• Silverlight also used in developing Windows Phone 7

WPF and Silverlight in platforms.

 WPF need the .net framework to run on the O.S so WPF run only on windows.
 Silverlight runs as a browser plug in IE, Firefox and Safari in windows and Mac OS and also available on Linux via plug called the moonlight project.

WPF and Silverlight in Features.

 To minimize library size and to work safely in the browser, Silverlight does not provide all of the features that are included in WPF. Some features are missing, while others are provided in a restricted way.
 There are several differences between WPF and Silverlight, but so far Microsoft has not published an authoritative list.
 Here are some of the restrictions in Silverlight:
 Once assigned, you cannot change a control’s style.
 You must explicitly assign each control’s style. You cannot create a style that applies to every control of a given type (e.g., buttons).
 One style cannot inherit from another.
 You cannot put triggers in styles and templates.
 You cannot use dynamic resources. All resources are static.
 Silverlight has more restrictive data binding.
 Access to Windows API functions is limited.
 You cannot use commands in Silverlight.
 Silverlight doesn’t support 3D graphics and graphics hardware.
 Silverlight doesn’t include preview (tunneling) events.

PDF  :  WPF VS Silverlight

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September 29, 2011 at 10:15 pm

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