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Visual Studio 2011 Beta and VS 2010

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Once I installed Windows 8 on my machine I decided to install VS 2011,Then I downloaded VS but before installing it I decided to uninstall VS 2010 because I thought that VS 2011 can replace VS 2010.I uninstalled 2010 and installed 2011 and then I knew the problem.
VS 2011 made for building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps what a shock !! I tried to install XNA game studio on it but I couldn’t also WP7 Developer tool but it was just like XNA.
So if you have a visual studio 2010 don’t uninstall it and install VS 2011 install them together so you can get all values from VS 2010 like XNA game studio and other plugins and you’ll be able to build Metro Style Apps

Hint :VS 2011 until now doesn’t support  WP7 Developer Tools.

Ibraheem Osama Mohamed
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Written by Ibraheem Osama Mohamed

April 25, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Posted in Windows 8

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