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Web Service

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In this post I’ll illustrate how a simple web service work. But I first need to apologize for the bad graphics I made 🙂
Let’s take a look at this graphics. What we want to do ?? we want to connect our database to the client device , the database is hosted in a server and the client is a mobile device or whatever that have no DB , very small DB or you don’t want the client to store the Data (Cloud Concept). So what we want to do ?? to request data from the server (DB) to the client and how we are going to do that ?? using communication protocols (HTTP, SOAP, TCP etc….).
Web Services provide us a way to communicate with our clients using some protocols at the beginning we used SOAP (for more about SOAP Click Here) after that good people 🙂  figured out the restful (for more about restful Click Here) web service that communicate throw the HTTP protocol. This is a simple intro let’s get in-deep

Web ServiceI’ll start from the graphics from LTR (Left To Right an expression you should know)
1)We have our server that contains the Database (Oracle , SQL Server etc….)
2)The Web Service which connect the DB to the Client which maybe SOAP or Restful (preferred) unless you have a reason to use soap use restful
3)The Web Service is in control for the Database so we makes our query from the Web Service (Insert , Delete , Update , etc…)
4)The Web Service communicate with the client (Windows 8 , android , etc…) using messages this messages maybe XML or JSON (recommended because it takes less size and easier to config)

This is the science that you can implement on any OS (Windows Server , Linux) or using any technologies (asp.net , WCF , Java EE, php , etc..)
In this post I’ll list the technologies that will help you to make this arch.
1)Using Windows Server and SQL Server DB
2)For Web Service I’ll use restful so asp.net MVC web API is a good one OR implement a WCF restful Service 
3)In Communication Messages I’ll use JSON
4)And the Client it is up to you for me I’ll use Windows 8 , WP , android and blackberry the technologies I know 🙂

I hope that you can now Implement your own web service and the client application


ibraheem Osama Mohamed


Written by Ibraheem Osama Mohamed

February 21, 2013 at 1:19 pm

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